Noblesse has been showcased to members of the public at the Milan Furniture fair with all the different available finishes; with cement, solid wood, glass, precious woods. In a modern collection that takes its strength from its knowing use of classic materials, with a strong return to materials from cement, to solid wood, coloured glass and precious wood finishes. 


Un dialogo ritrovato tra il prodotto e chi lo utilizza attraverso segni familiari ed attraverso gli elementi caratterizzanti la storia dell’ambiente cucina. 


Noblesse is a collection which has been created with 5 different handles, a collection unlike any other. Each different handle represents a point of contact between the product and user. These are at the centre of everything for any onlookers, at the heart of Noblesse. 


A parete, gli elementi ricercano una nuova verticalità. Un sistema di mensole leggere nello spazio, racconta nuove linee di fuga, tra materia e tecnologia, tra eleganza e forza. 


The photo shoots for the new catalogue really make a strong impact as the product takes shape from one day to the next, hinting at Noblesse’s truly splendid soul. 


ASTER cucine - NOBLESSE, IL SEGNO. Design Lorenzo Granocchia


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